Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My Book Reviews

Book: Roses Are Red (James Patterson, Hardcover)
Where is the Mastermind? Do you know who he is?
I just finished Roses are Red by James Patterson and it was a great read. I started the book on April 20th. The book was very interesting, I enjoyed out there was more in the book about his kids and their lives... read full review

Book: Violets Are Blue (James Patterson, Hardcover)
Friendship, Love, EVIL!
Okay I'm going to be honest here! This book started off great heart pounding and then it slowed down just a little bit. It was a very interesting book. It was well written and thought though. It had some i... read full review

Book: The Blue Zone (Andrew Gross, Hardcover)
I'm out of the Blue Zone!
I so loved this book, Andrew Gross's first book was a masterpiece at it's best! Did I say that I loved this book? Well I did! I couldn't get enough of it. The story line was phenomenal, non-stop ... read full review

Book: Naughty Neighbor (Janet Evanovich, Softcover)
This Was Very Hard to Put Down Until It was Done
This book was gitty, sexy, funny, loving, exciting, and every other awesome adjective that you can possibly think of. I loved all 229 pages of this great book. I was captured from the very start and just couldn... read full review

Book: The Husband (Dean Koontz, Hardcover)
I highly recommend that you read this book!
This book was amazing from the beginning! I highly recommend that you read this book! Do you think you or your husband are capable of doing certain things for love? Well this book sure tests the power of the mi... read full review

Book: Step on a Crack (James Patterson)
It was my first audio book. And won't be my last
It was my first audio book. I didn't like the "audio" book at first. I mean the story I loved, but it was something very new for me to have someone read to me. But after a few chapters I realllll... read full review

Book: Metro Girl (Janet Evanovich, Softcover)
2 thumbs up and then some!
! Florida at it’s best ! This was a fast paced action packed fun adventure. Alex in search of her brother Bill lead her on an adventure of a lifetime. Meeting most interesting people on the way! Alex... read full review

Book: The Dark Tide (Andrew Gross, Hardcover)
I just got out of the Dark Tide
This book was fantastic from the start! I felt like I was in the story, like I was right there. I got scared a few times with suspense. I LOVED IT!!! I was on the edge of my seat several times! I honestly could... read full review

Book: Four Blind Mice (James Patterson, Softcover)
Finding the bad key!
This book was good in the beginning and okay in the middle (about 75 pages in the middle I kind of lost interest not like me with Patterson books) I kept on reading and then it got to be very good. I kept on re... read full review

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