Thursday, October 2, 2008

Isn't that cheating? Those were my thoughts too .... at first!

I had this book in my PC as an audio book. I thought why not get going on it now, and then I will see if I will like this author. I have OVERLOOK on my shelf to read as well. Well I REALLY REALLY LIKE THIS BOOK ALOT! Even though it is an audio book. I keep thinking about the story when I'm not listening. I've never been into audio books. I always thought it was cheating like you aren't reading the book. I told a friend of mine at school that I was listening to this book and she thought the same thing as I did. My perception was changed when I did my first audio book this year of STEP ON A CRACK by James Patterson. I got the book for free , well audio book from a site when wasn't a Patterson book that I was all that excited about reading. I loved the audio book! All of it. There is a second book coming out for it now too. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! I listened to the audio book Step on a Crack while raking the yard. It kept me motivated to keep going, not only to rake but to listen. I loved it. Since then, I've listened to 2 other books not including this one below. I really enjoy it. I think it is also a good way to see if you will enjoy a book or not. You can get audio books out at the Bangor Library too and you can put them on your ipod or listen in your car whatever you like. I do find though that I can't do anything on the pc, or anything to do with reading or words or I won't hear the book. So on that note. I got alot done in the house today. The floors, bathrooms are all cleaned, laundry! It was a multi purpose productive day! Thank you Michael Connelly! I will read OVERLOOK for sure now! I can't wait to finish the audio book I'm about 1/2 way through already!

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