Monday, December 15, 2008

AMA! A must READ!

Against Medical Advice: A True Story Against Medical Advice: A True Story by James Patterson

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I read this book in less than 8 days. I loved it. It was inspirational, motivational, heart-maddening, heart-saddening, funny and all GREAT! I loved this book! The determination of this child and his family shows how families should be. It shows how family come together even in the hardest times. This was not a book that I was interested in reading, even though it was written by "Patterson" my favorite author. I couldn't get enough of this book. Many more chapters could have been added and it would have been great! Cory was/is a true trooper. A go-getting, a non-quitter. I see alot of me in him. I'm totally inspired on working on my book about GBS that I have left 1/4 done. I love the simplicity of the book and its writing and story line. I love that it is not all technical and doctor doctor talk. This is a book that anyone can read and enjoy. Heck, I thought I wouldn't want to read this in the least. I fell in love on the first chapter. Patterson and Friedman really did a great piece of work with this one. I hope this inspires more people such as myself to motivate to read and to write! A must read...I wouldn't mind having this on my bookshelf of keepers!

Happy Reading! Heather P.

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