Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Book Talk

I'm reading the following actively right now, DRY ICE & DUMA KEY. I have other books that I'm reading but just a little here and there. Organizational books and a chapter here and there of other books that are nonfiction. I also picked up AGAINST MEDICAL ADVICE by James Patterson at the library today. I have it for 14 days. I also got DRY ICE in hardcover...yes I know I know I have it in paperback that a friend loaned to me but I'm really going slow on it and I LOVE THE BOOK, and I want to feel pushed more to finish it. :) :) That's just how I am. I should have borrowed Duma Key from the library instead of owning it and I'd probably have that done already and by now too.

Here are a list of books in my possession that I will be reading in 2009:
There is no particular order in which I will read them at this time.
  • Lisey's Story - King
  • The Good Guy - Koontz
  • Girl's Night - Holm
  • Promise of a Lie - Roughan
  • X-Files (2008) - Collins - note I must read before I see the movie
  • Seinlanguage - Seinfeld
  • The Narrowback - Ledwidge
  • Love Overboard - Evanovich
  • Post-Mortem - Cornwell
  • Candy Apple Red - Bush
  • The First Time - Fielding
  • Rocky Road Romance - Evanovich
  • Deception Point - Brown
  • Cradle & All - Patterson
  • A Case of Need - Crichton

And that is just the top of the list :) I also have some Patterson ones to read that are on their way out the end of this year and beginning of next! I can't wait!!!!

Do you have any plans for books you want to read?

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