Thursday, November 8, 2012

8 Ways to Great by Doug Hirschhorn

8 Ways to Great: Peak Performance on the Job and in Your Life8 Ways to Great: Peak Performance on the Job and in Your Life by Doug Hirschhorn
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There is no Perfect Moment to do something just Do It!

Make yourself accountable. Make a contract for your self for your goal. Do it on your own or get a friend or family member to help you be accountable.

Example: If you don't do THIS YOUR GOAL OR PLAN than what will your consequences be that will be great enough to keep your GOAL in site. Me me it would be not being allowed to read. I love to read and not begin able to do that would be horrible.

Keep a Daily journal 15 if that is a fair price to pay to keep yourself in check and see how you are doing. Ask yourself these questions.

1. What did I do well today?
2. What did I do poorly today?
3. What will I do differently?
4. What was the lesson learned?
5. What is the game plan for tomorrow?

Great book. It talks a lot about stocks and money and percentages but its always brought back into perspective of daily life and how to make you a better you in your Job and life.

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